Gathering a list of showstoppers for RELENG_7

Bruce A. Mah bmah at
Sun Feb 24 18:35:00 UTC 2008

If memory serves me right, Will Froning wrote:
> Hello All,
> On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 7:52 PM, Bruce A. Mah <bmah at> wrote:
>> If memory serves me right, Garrett Cooper wrote:
>>  >       As part of the new Cisco FreeBSD ramp-up, I've noted that there's
>>  > been some concern about showstoppers for RELENG_7 as of late. So, I
>>  > was just wondering what the current showstoppers are for 7.x and
>>  > possibly how I can help triage issues in the next couple weeks, etc,
>>  > to accelerate the release a bit.
>>  >       I may not have access to a PC at all times nor a FreeBSD machine, but
>>  > I should be able to assign bugs or CC owners, or help debug some more
>>  > common items. I'll also try getting VMware fusion in the upcoming week
>>  > to work from my laptop and help out in some way shape or form in person.
>>  The release builds for 7.0 are underway now.
>>  What oftentimes happens very late in the release cycle (and this was
>>  true for 7.0) is that we find some issues that crop up that need to be
>>  fixed.  They're usually assigned pretty quickly to "owners" (in fact the
>>  owners are oftentimes the ones that report these problems), so many
>>  times there isn't a lot for other people to do, and these issues don't
>>  even make it into the PR database.
>>  I admit that we could (and should) do better in communicating status to
>>  other developers and the community at large.  This is mostly helpful in
>>  the early and middle stages of the release cycle.
>>  This is clearly *not* to say that FreeBSD doesn't need help with
>>  testing, bug management, and so forth, in fact quite the opposite is
>>  true.  I mean only to say that 7.0 doesn't have anything blocking it.
> Does that mean <> is outdated?

The libkse item was fixed in early February, but we didn't note it here. 
  I just updated it...thanks for pointing that out!

> /me is sooooo looking forward to a killer release!

/me too!

There *are* some outstanding issues in 7.0, for which we're 
contemplating some errata notices (and hence patches for RELENG_7_0). 
I'm being deliberately vague here because I don't want to commit us to 
anything yet, but two *possible* items are some if_re fixes and a change 
in TCP options handling.  For errata items, we need to wait for the 
actual release to wrap up (duh) and also give the fixes some "soak time" 
in HEAD and RELENG_7.



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