Gathering a list of showstoppers for RELENG_7

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Sun Feb 24 16:55:39 UTC 2008

Hello All,

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 7:52 PM, Bruce A. Mah <bmah at> wrote:
> If memory serves me right, Garrett Cooper wrote:
>  >       As part of the new Cisco FreeBSD ramp-up, I've noted that there's
>  > been some concern about showstoppers for RELENG_7 as of late. So, I
>  > was just wondering what the current showstoppers are for 7.x and
>  > possibly how I can help triage issues in the next couple weeks, etc,
>  > to accelerate the release a bit.
>  >       I may not have access to a PC at all times nor a FreeBSD machine, but
>  > I should be able to assign bugs or CC owners, or help debug some more
>  > common items. I'll also try getting VMware fusion in the upcoming week
>  > to work from my laptop and help out in some way shape or form in person.
>  The release builds for 7.0 are underway now.
>  What oftentimes happens very late in the release cycle (and this was
>  true for 7.0) is that we find some issues that crop up that need to be
>  fixed.  They're usually assigned pretty quickly to "owners" (in fact the
>  owners are oftentimes the ones that report these problems), so many
>  times there isn't a lot for other people to do, and these issues don't
>  even make it into the PR database.
>  I admit that we could (and should) do better in communicating status to
>  other developers and the community at large.  This is mostly helpful in
>  the early and middle stages of the release cycle.
>  This is clearly *not* to say that FreeBSD doesn't need help with
>  testing, bug management, and so forth, in fact quite the opposite is
>  true.  I mean only to say that 7.0 doesn't have anything blocking it.

Does that mean <> is outdated?

/me is sooooo looking forward to a killer release!


>  Thanks!
>  Bruce.

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