Packet corruption in re0 (and em0 too)

Christoph Schug chris+freebsd-current at
Fri Feb 22 10:36:44 UTC 2008

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008, Raul wrote:

> The fastest method I found to reproduce the problem is receive a 
> compresed tar (with good compression ratio) over the network (using nc, 
> 100 Mbps fdx), pipe through tar that decompress and write it on disk (a 
> lot of MB/s and tps looking at 'systat -vm'). The source tar file is 
> about 5Gb and link always fails before EOF :|.

I've just synced again against RELENG_7 and copied the drivers mentioned
in this thread (thanks BTW!):

Up to now, no problems, but I certainly need more uptime to be sure.
Maybe I can tell more later that day.


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