latest rc.subr breaks etc/rc.d/sendmail

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Sat Feb 2 01:27:14 UTC 2008

Hi Mike,

Revision 1.80 of src/etc/rc.subr stops Sendmail from starting
here with:

root at kobe:/root# /etc/rc.d/sendmail start
Cannot 'start' sendmail. Set sendmail_enable to YES in /etc/rc.conf or use 'onestart' instead of 'start'.
root at kobe:/root#

My /etc/rc.conf contains:

root at kobe:/root# grep sendmail /etc/rc.conf
root at kobe:/root#

Rolling back to 1.79 seems to work, but I am not sure how to fix
his yet.

I have a logfile too obtained with 1.80 and:

# sh -x /etc/rc.d/sendmail start 2>&1 | tee logfile

if you think that would help track this down.

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