msk watchdog timeout

Bruce Simpson bms at
Fri Dec 26 08:14:39 UTC 2008

Pyun YongHyeon wrote:
> Also show me dmesg output to see what revision you have(This
> information is not available with pciconf(8)).

anglepoise:~ % dmesg | grep msk
mskc0: <Marvell Yukon 88E8053 Gigabit Ethernet> port 0xc800-0xc8ff mem 
0xfe9fc000-0xfe9fffff irq 18 at device 0.0 on pci2
msk0: <Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Yukon EC Id 0xb6 Rev 0x02> on mskc0
msk0: Ethernet address: 00:15:f2:32:a8:8a
miibus0: <MII bus> on msk0
mskc0: [FILTER]


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