NATM hardware available

Bruce Simpson bms at
Wed Dec 24 17:26:06 UTC 2008

Robert Watson wrote:
> ...
> Do we have any of the necessary software parts to do simulated ATM 
> hardware similar to what if_tap does for Ethernet?  Using the VIMAGE 
> stuff and virtual ATM hardware might open up the door to a more 
> accessible development and test environment.  I did the NATM locking 
> work essentially "blind" due to a lack of test environment locally, 
> which seemed to work out, but a software test system would go a long way.

Loopback would be possible, sure, but you are probably only going to be 
able to simulate looped-back PVCs.
Fortunately, the ITU G.DMT mandated use of ATM for xDSL generally only 
uses PVCs.

But for SVCs, forget about it.

The really cute thing about ATM always was :
     the ATM Forum made end-station specs relatively freely available --
    but, like X.25, the machinations of switching were left up to the 

ATM switch simulation is "another project entirely".


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