NATM hardware available

Robert Watson rwatson at
Wed Dec 24 17:14:14 UTC 2008

On Wed, 24 Dec 2008, Bruce Simpson wrote:

> Hartmut Brandt wrote:
>> In any case there is still an Todo on my side: the routing information for 
>> NETNATM is currently lost somewhere between L2 and L3 :-) I guess I come 
>> back to you in the new year to fix this issue... Have to fetch my ATM 
>> equipment from the corner where it is collecting dust to setup a testbed.
> Guys:
> Native NATM support would be nice, because it lets FreeBSD be used as a 
> direct ADSL endpoint without an external ADSL router.
> I have a pair of ATM25 cards, an ATM25 crossover, and an ATM25-to-ADSL G.DMT 
> modem bagged up ready to ship to someone who has the time and motivation to 
> work on NATM.
> Also: I did have an ATM25 capable switch which I left at ICSI in Berkeley, I 
> don't know where it is at the moment due to people movements.

Do we have any of the necessary software parts to do simulated ATM hardware 
similar to what if_tap does for Ethernet?  Using the VIMAGE stuff and virtual 
ATM hardware might open up the door to a more accessible development and test 
environment.  I did the NATM locking work essentially "blind" due to a lack of 
test environment locally, which seemed to work out, but a software test system 
would go a long way.

Robert N M Watson
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge

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