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Marcel Moolenaar <xcllnt at> writes:

> >> 4. It's failed to recognize a big SCSI disk as BSD slice.
> Can you elaborate.

Please see:

The da0 has a BSD slice.  GEOM_BSD/GEOM_PC98 recognize it correctly.
But the gpart does not.  From debug printf (dmesg.txt), it seems that
the gpart read incorrect sector.

> >> 5. A (bit strange) FAT slice is recoginized as BSD slice.
> This is probably a priority issue between bsd and pc98.
> (and thus a priority issue between mbr and pc98). In
> particular, g_part_bsd returns G_PART_PROBE_PRI_HIGH.
> It looks like g_part_pc98 needs to have the highest
> priority. I'll send you a patch for review shortly.


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