SATA disks no longer showing up after updating CURRENT last night

Joao Barros joao.barros at
Thu Aug 28 10:37:02 UTC 2008

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 7:28 AM, Pascal Hofstee <caelian at> wrote:
> Moin,
> Last night i updated my 8.0-CURRENT/amd64 system to svn revision r182296.
> I then re-applied pjd's zfs-patchset and rebuild world and kernel overnight.
> This morning i actually went ahead and installed the resulting world and kernel
> only to discover that during boot my two SATA disks no longer seem to show up
> at all.
> The onboard nVidia MCP55 SATA controller is still probed and attached though if
> memory serves me right the failing boot only showed a single nVidia MCP55 SATA
> controller on atapci1, instead of two as the working boot does ... one
> on atapci1
> the other on atapci2.
> My SATA disks are attached to ata2-master and ata3-master respectively
> (ad4 and ad6)
> Somebody out there has any idea why the SATA Controller on atapci2 no
> longer seems
> to be probed and therefore my disks no longer show up ?

I'm having a "similar"ish problem on my system.
I was running 7.0R and upgraded to CURRENT as of 26/08/2008 with pjd's
After rebooting with the new kernel my system hangs here:
My system consists of 4 disks, 2 on the onboard SATA and 2 on a
onboard Promise, kernel on UFS, the rest on zfs using all 4 disks with
I was talking with Rui Paulo last night and he gave me the idea to
disable the Promise, and voilá, the kernel boots but since I need the
other 2 disks to complete the raidz I can't boot the system
This onboard Promise is a bit picky about sharing interrupts and I
checked that, kernel.old boots ok (7.0R)

On a side note, boot loader prompt for me can be a 2 seconds
experience resulting either on a hang, a reboot or this ZX Spectrum
era screen:

Joao Barros

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