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Fri Aug 15 23:20:03 UTC 2008

On Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 03:43:15PM -0700, Erol Akarsu wrote:
> > You have to increase kern.threads.max_threads_per_proc sysctl.
> How will I increase?
> Can you you give the syntax?

Please don't top-post.

To experiment with sysctl values, try this:

# sysctl kern.threads.max_threads_per_proc
kern.threads.max_threads_per_proc: 1500

# sysctl kern.threads.max_threads_per_proc=2000
kern.threads.max_threads_per_proc: 1500 -> 2000

# sysctl kern.threads.max_threads_per_proc
kern.threads.max_threads_per_proc: 2000

Just experiment until your program behaves as
needed, and once you've found the right value,
add it to /etc/sysctl.conf with a line like this:


This will take effect as soon as you reboot. Of course
you don't need to reboot: sysctl the value manually
as shown above will do just fine. ;)


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