ral, rum and bi-antenna

David Naylor naylor.b.david at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 20:13:39 UTC 2008


I happen to have the good fortune of owning a RT2661S (ral driver) and a 
RT2601USB (rum driver) [manufactured by Canyon].  Both chipsets have the 
ability to handle two antenna.  

Now the good fortune, both chipsets default to the wrong antenna.  When I 
should be getting a stable connection at about -70dBm instead I am getting 
very poor connection (less than 50% connectivity, reported from ping) and 
about -90dBm.  

After looking at the FreeBSD driver code (and the [Open/Net]BSD) the antenna 
selection is marked as *TBD*.  Does anyone know how to add antenna selection 
(the ralink linux drivers are a wild maze).  I considered trying to do it 
myself but I do not know the first thing about kernel hacking (let alone 
chipset drivers) and have no idea where to start.  

I was thinking a stop-gap solution will be to have the antenna selectable 
using tunables/sysctl?  

Needless to say I am very willing to try any patches (and even attempt to 
create one myself if someone could point me in the right direction...).  



P.S. Anyone know the release schedule for 6.4 and 7.1?
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