Kudos to the developers.

Ian FREISLICH ianf at clue.co.za
Thu Nov 29 05:37:13 PST 2007


By way of a semi-forced downgrade to my machine at home from 8-CURRENT
to 6.3-PRERELEASE (in order to run Asterisk) I realised how spoilt
I've been running -CURRENT.  CURRENT is in my opinion still a far
superior product to all the post-4 releases.

6.3 paniced while compiling openoffice.  I can't remember when last
I had a kernel panic running CURRENT under heavy load and this
machine has been worked very hard.

Interrupt usage is perhaps the most noticeable difference, where
on CURRENT the wcfxs0+timer interrupts totalling 3kHz used 3% CPU,
on 6.3 uses about 9% CPU.

6.3 Can't tell how much % CPU a threaded process is using.  CURRENT

CURRENT "feels" snappy by comparison.

I have some CURRENT boxes as production core routers/firewalls and
flow exporters in pairs for hot failover in a few moderately sized
datacenters.  Each router has several hundred VLAN interfaces.  One
of these has been up for the last 240 days.  Since the last clearing
of counters (not sure how long ago) had routed some 90 Terabytes
(~208 billion packets).

So, this is a *very* big well done to the developers.


Ian Freislich

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