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Wes Morgan wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Nov 2007, Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
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>> As per my detailed comments to Jason
>> is broken but I want to update everything else how do I by pass the
>> ref'ed commit?
> You do realize that running -current, especially so soon after a
> branch, is virtually expected to have this kind of breakage from
> time to time, sometimes frequently. The best and most productive
> course of action would probably be to contact the committer directly
> rather than creating a lot of unneeded chatter on multiple mailing
> lists.

I contacted him directly after tracking the problem down my only
question was backing out (which was answered)... I am well aware of
the drawbacks of tracking stuff so closely but since I don't have time
to do coding I have decided to do my best to be a early real world tester.
> Unless there is some critical "must-have" feature in -current that
> isn't available in the 7-stable tree, perhaps you'd be better off
> tracking that instead. 7.0 is going to be fantastic, and I have not
> yet seen anything committed to -current that would make me want to
> track it instead of 7, and I've tracked -current since 4-current.

There are some hardware issues that are only fixed (not completely so
I might add... some of them are still using yet to be committed
patches) 8-current.. also since I am attempting to learn everything I
can about OS development tracking 8-current so closely defently helps
me understand the process better... an other reason is I can deal with
the occasional downtime as long I know how to backout of stuff (which
I didn't learn to last night) so I would like to be in the camp of
"yes I know it" before it is even offically out.

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