TCP RST+data!

Mike Silbersack silby at
Sun Nov 25 02:40:17 PST 2007

On Sun, 25 Nov 2007, Ian FREISLICH wrote:

>>> I see.  Playing around with net.inet.tcp sysctls, disabling delayed_ack
>>> fixes the problem with this phone.  Do you think that this is a bug
>>> in the phone's TCP stack?
>> Is there a proxy involved or is this session end-to-end?  Not sure if
>> you described the setup but it might be useful (e.g. is the phone using
>> wireless).
> There the one connecting side was wireless, but it made no difference
> connecting over wired ethurnet end to end.  There is no proxy
> involved.  Both host and the phone are on the same subnet.
> Ian
> --
> Ian Freislich

Can you post a tcpdump of a successful connection with delayed_ack 
disabled and then the same attempted (unsuccessful) connection with 
delayed_ack reenabled?  Please use -s 0 (to catch the entire packet) and 
use -w to write the binary dump data to a file.  That'll allow us to look 
at the entire data payload.  It's probably best to post those dumps on a 
server somewhere and just post the urls to the list.



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