TCP RST+data!

Ian FREISLICH ianf at
Sun Nov 25 00:47:12 PST 2007

Sam Leffler wrote:
> >   
> >> Looking at your later trace, data with the RST is a red herring. The
> >> only thing that stands out to me as being odd and perhaps is the
> >> issue, is that the window size for the SYN and the ack are
> >> inconsistent on FreeBSD but are consistent on OS X. I'm not sure off
> >> hand where the number 8326 comes from. It could be that when the SIP's
> >> stack is generating the ack for the GET it concludes that the window
> >> accounting state is incorrect.
> >>
> >> Perhaps Mike can shed some light when he gets back online.
> >>     
> >
> > I see.  Playing around with net.inet.tcp sysctls, disabling delayed_ack
> > fixes the problem with this phone.  Do you think that this is a bug
> > in the phone's TCP stack?
> >   
> Is there a proxy involved or is this session end-to-end?  Not sure if 
> you described the setup but it might be useful (e.g. is the phone using 
> wireless).

There the one connecting side was wireless, but it made no difference
connecting over wired ethurnet end to end.  There is no proxy
involved.  Both host and the phone are on the same subnet.


Ian Freislich

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