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Thu Nov 22 02:13:02 PST 2007

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Christoph Hoffmann wrote:
> Hello,
> I must apologize to you for the lack of this information.
> The box on 8.0-CURRENT cvsup as of 17 Nov
>    works fine with the latest ciss driver except the /var/log/messages
>    is full of 'kernel: ciss0: SENDING NOP MESSAGE FAILED' coming out of
> ciss.c line 3139
>    Please note that ciss.c does have the same error msg in to different
> places
>    (line 3114 and 3139) and this is why I've modified the code a bit.
> Other box 7.0-BETA3 cvsup as of 21 Nov also works fine except the above
> message.
> Both of the above is the a test area.
> The real problem in on amd64 6.2-STABLE cvsup as of Jun 5 which died
> with the console msg 'ADAPTER HEARTBEAT FAILED'.
> This is why I've asked about backport to 6 and 7 as I hope this
> will solve the production problem.
> I hope this help to understand what I'm doing.

So in conclusion:

CURRENT and RELENG_7 works the same for you, except the message
everything is fine;

RELENG_6 hangs with the message, and does not work at all?

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