ciss driver

Christoph Hoffmann christoph.hoffmann at
Wed Nov 21 11:57:56 PST 2007


I must apologize to you for the lack of this information.

The box on 8.0-CURRENT cvsup as of 17 Nov
    works fine with the latest ciss driver except the /var/log/messages
    is full of 'kernel: ciss0: SENDING NOP MESSAGE FAILED' coming out  
of ciss.c line 3139
    Please note that ciss.c does have the same error msg in to  
different places
    (line 3114 and 3139) and this is why I've modified the code a bit.

Other box 7.0-BETA3 cvsup as of 21 Nov also works fine except the above

Both of the above is the a test area.

The real problem in on amd64 6.2-STABLE cvsup as of Jun 5 which died
with the console msg 'ADAPTER HEARTBEAT FAILED'.

This is why I've asked about backport to 6 and 7 as I hope this
will solve the production problem.

I hope this help to understand what I'm doing.



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