Current 8.0: wpa_supplicant SPAM: Setting ESSID to ""

Victor M. Blood freebsd at
Sun Nov 18 14:11:38 PST 2007

On 18.11.2007, Ben Kaduk wrote:
> On 11/17/07, Victor M. Blood <freebsd at> wrote:
>> On 17.11.2007, Henrik Brix Andersen wrote:
>> > On Sat, Nov 17, 2007 at 09:55:34AM +0300, Victor M. Blood wrote:
>> >> on ttyv0 (console) after I run wpa_supplicant print messages
>> >> Setting ESSID to ""
>> >> Setting ESSID to "APOINT"
>> >> Setting ESSID to "APOINT"
>> >> Setting ESSID to "APOINT"
>> >> ... and repeat, and repeat
>> >>
>> >> In 7.0 this message not appear? Please help me remove this SPAM. Why
>> >> it shows to me?
>> > Which wireless driver are you using? if_ndis(4), if_ipw(4) or
>> > if_iwi(4)?
>> if_ndis, ndiscvt for bcmwl5.sys

> Seems like I'm jumping in a bit late, but for the archives:
> I also am using if_ndis for bcmwl5.sys (in a Dell Inspiron 8500).

> I have 7.0-beta2, and I see the message:
> Setting ESSID to "MIT"
> on the console occasionally, but it seems to only be when it loses signal
> and has to re-associate.
> I get a lousy connection, being at a vertex of the convex hull of my dormitory,
> but I don't think that I'm getting spammed with this message.
SPAM from driver was result of wrong configuration wpa_supplicant, but
drivers for Broadcom mini-pci v4.xx instead of 3.xx do not works! Then
kldload called, displays message: "no match for
IoGetDeviceObjectPointer" and AP not discovered, on console present
debug Setting ESSID to "" and in wpa_cli command scan_results
returning nothing.

May be it's can help:

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