ZFS from FreeBSD -> Indiana -> FreeBSD - some problem

Hugo Silva hugo at barafranca.com
Thu Nov 15 06:01:53 PST 2007

Pawel Jakub Dawidek wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 14, 2007 at 08:52:17PM -0500, Adam McDougall wrote:
>> For what its worth, I ran across a similar issue.  I moved a scsi card 
>> in my server which caused da2 and da3 (each with a separate zfs pool 
>> with no redundancy) become swapped, which I did not predict.  ZFS was 
>> completely confused by this, and rather than swap cables and reboot, I 
>> decided to try the export and import.  Worked fine.  I was a little 
>> dissapointed and surprised that I had to take action, but more surprised 
>> that such a simple fix was possible (yet predicted) when the error 
>> message on sun's website basically indicated 'you are totally screwed, 
>> game over, data lost'.  I wasn't in a situation were I would have lost 
>> any valuable data.  Maybe it was terminally confused because both 
>> devices it wanted were in use by the other 'failed' pool.
> In my perforce branch, this is already improved. FreeBSD will detect
> disk name changes, etc. It already does, but only with ATA disks.

Wouldn't create the pool using GEOM_LABEL names solve this issue ? Any 
side effects of doing so ?



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