geom_raid5 inclusion in HEAD?

Arne Wörner arne_woerner at
Wed Nov 14 11:10:08 PST 2007

--- Oliver Fromme <olli at> wrote:
> Just a small question:  I noticed that the new gvinum
> raid5 implementation (in P4) allows adding disks to an
> existing RAID5, even while it is running.  Does geom_raid5
> support that, too?  (ZFS doesn't, unfortunately.)
Hi Oliver (or should I say inof)? :-)

Nope... graid5 doesnt do such things... I found no way, that could do it
without hurting the disks too much (I was afraid, that a power failure could
destroy the necessary knowledge about the size of the new-config-area; and I
didnt know how to do the beginning: it seemed like the first few blocks need a
special treatment, because there the new-config-area and the old-config-area

But Veronica is developing a tool, that can do it in offline mode... With
service interruption...

But growfs induces a service interruption anyway and it is buggy, if u do not
zero the new area... Veronica filed a bug report about this...

Nowadays it is common practice to have 2 ot more hosts, that can substitute
each other (hot-standby or how they call it today), so that it doesnt matter,
if a box is damaged or in maintenance mode or... isnt it?

P. S.: "It is... lovely weather we are having. I hope the weather continues."
(taken from "The Pink Panther (2006)") *rotfl*


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