nfe internet problems

韓家標 Bill Hacker askbill at
Mon Nov 12 12:55:49 PST 2007

Chuck Robey wrote:

> I have one other odd problem, it's that no probe messages whatever print 
> during booting, so I had to pick up the demsg later on.  The last thing 
> I see during booting is the first spinner character, usually "|", and 
> the next thing I see is "Login;", nothing inbetween whatever.   Any idea 
> why my booting has gone totally silent on me?

Not so odd. This is the way we set up servers. '-h' for headless.

Now - the question is *why* IF/AS/WHEN you have no such setting.

My guess is BIOS reporting one thing, probe another w/r finding a VGA it is 
allowed to use for console.

What the probe 'discovers' doen't go active until it has finished - but the 
first two loader stages simply 'assume' console will be dealt with somehow, so 
their output does show up - boot device choice, spinner and such are still BIOS 


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