FreeBSD corruption problems on barcelona

Daniel Gerzo danger at
Sat Nov 10 04:09:56 PST 2007

Hello Nick,

Saturday, November 10, 2007, 4:21:05 AM, you wrote:

> Here it is attached. Now there is a cdrom error there, however I
> don't believe it is the cause of the problem (or at least, there
> is a bigger problem with the sata disk). The install has run
> perfectly every time I've run it, so it is pulling the data off
> the CD OK.

> Now I have actually got as far as root login, I filled up a 1MB
> file with /dev/urandom and took an md5. Then copied that to 50
> files on the /tmp filesystem, unmounted and remounted it, and then
> read back the md5 sums. Practially all of them are wrong, but they
> seem to be wrong in the same ways (eg. many share the same
> incorrect md5 sum). Reading the files back from disk consistently
> gives the same information, so it seems like reads are OK.

Did you by any chance tried to install some other OS and checked if
that is really a FreeBSD problem? You mentioned that you've got a new
box, so I suppose that you tried only FreeBSD on it so far on it.

In the past, I had a bit similar problem. The symptons were that I
checked some file's md5 hash, then copied it some other location and
checked the new md5 hash of that file, it was different. The problem
was resolved after we replaced CPU (AFAIR).

So the things you are describing in your email seem to me more like a
hardware problem than a FreeBSD problem, could you please run some
kind of hardware test and try to replace your controllers, sata cable,
disk and so on?

> Interestingly, a second test didn't show up corruption, so I don't
> know how reproduceable it is

> Hope this helps.

Best regards,
 Daniel                            mailto:danger at

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