Bug?: (bge) BCM5787 makes 7.0/8-CURRENT completely unusable (Was: Issue: bge still freezes RELENG_7 system on HP Compaq 6710b)

Andrey Kosachenko andrey.kosachenko at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 12:12:52 PST 2007

Good time of the day.

I'm not pleased to emphasize that BGE makes FreeBSD 7.0/8.0 systems 
completely unusable on machines with BCM5787 (NetLink BCM5787M Gigabit 

Install CD hangs as soon as it tries to load driver for Ethernet device 
(tested on 7-CURRENT (snapshots 200708, 200709, 200710) 7-BETA1.5, 
7-BETA2 and 8-CURRENT.

After looking through the lists I realized that earlier similar problem 
connected with BCM5787 detection was exposed and a corresponding PR was 
opened. I mean (kern/105005) 
Those PR (kern/105005) was closed later. Nevertheless the root of the 
problem is remained I suppose. Just an excerpt of reports:

7-current freeze on HP6710b with BroadCom (bge0) - 
bge driver causes freeze - 
kern/116328: [bge]: Solid hang with bge interface 
Compaq HP 6710b freezes on 7-CURRENT-SNAP-200708 - 
panic in 8-CURRENT / BGE hang - 

Sad but true.
It is also noticeable that BGE handles BCM5787 in RELENG_6 properly and 
there is no complains.

So I would like to know if there anyone who experiences the same 
problems with BCM5787 and bge on non-HP machines? And should described 
problem be considered as a bug with corresponding PR opening?



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