ZFS -> samba directory quirk

O. Hartmann ohartman at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Nov 8 03:01:05 PST 2007

Nathan Butcher wrote:
> I'm not sure if I'm the only one seeing this, but I have a ZFS-samba set
> up between my FreeBSD7-BETA2 test machine and a Windows XP box. The
> samba install is from ports and is the latest version (it is patched for
> zfs I believe).
> On occasion I will find that directory information sometimes goes funky
> when coming out on the Windows XP side. On one occasion, files that
> *should* have been in the directory didn't show up in Windows, and on
> one occasion, a filename for a particular file appeared *twice* (and
> deleting it deleted both instances!). A refresh of the directory in
> Windows seemed to fix this quirk temporarily.

You're sure this is FreeBSD/ZFS related? At my company, we use still a 
Linux box running SAMBA and some customers do see the same behaviour. 
Recently created files or directories do show up only after a refresh on 
the windows box, so also deletions do. SAMBA on the Linux (Ubuntu) box 
seems to be 3.24 or something, it is not the most recent version and I 
suspected a caching/time problem.

Within the next days I'll come up with a new fileserver box running the 
most recent FreeBSD 7.0 and the most recent SAMBA port with a ZFS 
mirror, so I will report more FreeBSD related, if there is anything unusual.

> Of course, everything looks normal on the FreeBSD ZFS side, so I'm
> inclined to point the finger at samba doing something weird with ZFS.
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