Remaining SATA (and other) issues

Alexander Sabourenkov screwdriver at
Thu Nov 8 02:40:31 PST 2007

Søren Schmidt wrote:
> As I said ATA (as in my driver) uses this promise general purpose 
> register to store interrupts into, it is very much needed.
> The reason is that on some promise chips the interrupts are reset on 
> read, so I can only read the status *once* but I need it several times.

If I understand correctly you use it as a controller-local variable.

> Oh yes it does look for the "stat_reg" in ata_promise_mio_status() which 
> does the interrupt status getting etc...

It seems like I now need to understand how does ata_promise_mio_status() 
gets called on each interrupt.
I'll leave this until I have time to read the code and test your patch too.

> Good question, their docs says nothing about it actually, I suppose this 
> is more a programming style question than anything else, anyhow it will 
> only change evt behavior until the first interrupt, then I'll write the 
> entire reg anyways :)

Well, so be it.



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