Remaining SATA (and other) issues

Alexander Sabourenkov screwdriver at
Thu Nov 8 02:14:04 PST 2007

Søren Schmidt wrote:
> You cant remove this, ATA uses the 0x54 reg to store interrupts, its a 
> gen purpose reg on the promises, this initialization is neededed.

Hmm. Cursory greps do not show writes there neither in vendor, nor in 
linux drivers.
I only found it in ata_piix.c from linux, as PIIX_IOCFG /* IDE I/O 
configuration register */.

Thus I'm not sure it is really needed, but I leave that up to your 

> This part is wrong for older promise chips, as the port# is different.
> I also have a hard time seeing that this couldd change anything since 
> the registers are reset etc "my way" on each interrupt.

If that means ata_promise_mio_intr(), then no, it does not touch 0x60 
for PRSATA2, it touches 0x54 instead.

> Besides you *do not* want to pass the other bits through, they shoudl be 
> masked off and always written as 0's.

Why then vendor does pass them through?



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