[RFT] Intel 3945abg wireless driver (wpi)

Doug Poland doug at polands.org
Tue Nov 6 10:40:23 PST 2007

Frank Staals wrote:
> Benjamin Close wrote:
>> Howdy All, I'm pleased to announce the first 'official' 
>> experimental version of the wpi wireless driver and hence require your 
>> help in making it become stable.
>> Expect a few things not to work (ie bg scanning, setting txpower) but 
>> in general the driver should be usable in station mode (hostap is not 
>> yet supported).
> Everything works fine with the connection itself. Allthough sometimes 
> when switching from tty9 to tty0 and back the system locks up. I've had 
> it before when switching  from tty1 to tty0. Anyone with the same 
> problems ?
Yes, I have system lock-ups when switching between tty0-8.  I've also 
had issues switching in and out of tty9, but am not sure if this is wpi 
driver problem or something in X.


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