sata atapi on ich9r

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Sat Nov 3 08:00:24 PDT 2007

On Sat, 3 Nov 2007, Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:


> Note to the development team:   No I was not tripping when I reported
> these same issues just unable to provide proof

I guarantee you are not tripping.  :(

> Note to sam: Do you have any development experience if so I invite you
> to help me in my current project to patch the ata driver to fix all
> these issues (the ata developer told me since he doesn't have access to
> a ich9r/p35 system no patch and/or cvsup would be forth coming on these
> issues)... I am also a developer but at the moment am very tied up with
> making a living so I will give what help I can but can't do the whole
> project alone

I can try to help, but I am also busy (crunch-time at work).

My system is an Asus P5K-E/WiFi with a DVDR <LITE-ON DVDRW
LH-20A1S/9L08>.  It has 4GB RAM and two SATA hard drives.  I have no
PATA drives in it.  It is running in RAID mode.

Unfortunately, this is my only workstation at home, so I will not be
changing versions.  I am willing to make changes to the driver.  Here is
a patch[1] to recognize and print the ICH9R during boot.  It does not
change anything functionally.

My current notes:
1. burncd (without atapicam loaded), cdrecord and dd can all produce
    dd if=/dev/acd0 of=/dev/null bs=10M count=1

2. sysinstall will fail during install when copying GENERIC kernel.
    This was on my work computer in a Dell Optiplex 745 with 1GB RAM.
    atapci0: <Intel ICH8 SATA300 controller>
    acd0: CDRW <HL-DT-ST CD-RW/DVD-ROM GCC-H10N/C103> at ata3-master SATA150

3. Do not detach a channel with atacontrol.  I tried that on the channel
    with the DVD drive.  Panic.

4. I am thinking about writing a program to perform simple tests on the
    ATAPI ioctl's.  Maybe one exists?

5. PATA is not related since I have no PATA drives in my computer.

*downgrade to 6.2 AMD64 snipped*

scf at

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