zfs root is not mounted automatically

freebsd.ruomad at free.fr freebsd.ruomad at free.fr
Wed May 23 14:32:19 UTC 2007

> > Anyone has an idea on how to get the normal mode to work automatically (not
> that I cannot live with verbose dmesg, but...)
> I'll look into this once I'm back from BSDCan.

Hello Pawel,

I rebuilded everything (thanks to gcc 4.2) : world and ports.
The problem remains and has sort of grown worse as now even the verbose boot
does not result in my root being mounted properly (automatically).

Do you have a clue or some idea of what I can test now to help solving this
Am I the only one to see this ?

My system is a Core Duo E6400 with 2GB DDR2 5300/ MB Asus PW5 B Deluxe
Running a fresh amd64 current from Monday (gcc 4.2 + xorg 7.2 - full gnome
installed - 820 ports installed and freshly rebuilt).

AFAIK everything else works though some ports failed to rebuild correctly (I can
name pwlib, gnome-volume-manager, rails, and some others - will investigate the
problem later on)

I have 2 zfs tanks :
- 1 for root system on a partition on a sata300 disk (ICH7) with different
filesystems (/usr, /usr/local, /var, /tmp, /home) (ad10s2d)
- 1 for data on an raid 1 array (sort of hardware AFAIK) (2x320G SATA300)
plus (ad12s1)
- 1 partition on the first disk for win$ (ad10s1)
- 1 label for swap on the same disk (ad10s2b)
- 1 label ufs for /boot (ad10s2a)

Thanks for any clue


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