MacBook patches

Rui Paulo rpaulo at
Mon May 14 23:42:55 UTC 2007

I have a driver for Apple SMC (System Management Console).
If you want to play with all kinds of sensors (Sudden Motion Sensor
aka SMS, Fan and Temperature),
this is your chance.

I'm interested mostly in people with MacBook Pros and Intel Mac Minis.

Here's a sysctl output on a MacBook: 2170 1200 1500 6200 2172
hw.asmc.temps: 33 61 58 63 46 59 59
hw.asmc.sms.x: 22
hw.asmc.sms.y: 9
hw.asmc.sms.z: 275

I also have ported the hdaps-gl utility from the Mactel-Linux svn.
Basically, if your system has the Sudden Motion Sensor (MacBooks and
MacBook Pros) you can have a OpenGL representation of how your laptop
is in the physical world.

Something like this:

(Yes, I was holding the laptop in air while taking the screenshot :-)

The driver isn't yet in Perforce, so please contact me directly to get


P.S.: Now if anyone wants to make a clone of the MacSaber program for
Rui Paulo

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