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Sun May 13 15:17:57 UTC 2007

On Sunday 13 May 2007 15:18:40 Rui Paulo wrote:
> At Sun, 13 May 2007 12:25:53 +0100,
> Thomas Sparrevohn wrote:
> > Nice - Have you looked at using the mwait deeper C-States rather
> > than halt? 
> Nop.
> > I think the "msr" portion looks like it will handle the entire Micro
> > Core architecture  that would be really nice - Judging from the
> > papers published by intel and from the general discussions on the
> > net - it seems like 
> Are you refering to msrtemp driver? Yes, it only works on Intel's Core
> Architecture, at the moment.
> > Would it be possible to seperate the "ACPI" part from the other "Mac
> > patches" as I think its of more general use?  
> Well, if someone really needs it (besides for MacBooks), we can
> discuss what should be done.

Using a quad-core - Desktop - I need it - Normally the cores runs at 45C -
under freebsd it more like 51-55C and its giving me heat burns on my feet ;-)

All the Core Micro architecture uses TM2 approach and ODCM as secondary.
The Xeon's systems seems as a rule to have reasonable APCI implementations 
- however quite a lot of Desktop systems does not really and depends upon OSPM
to give the information - Judging from the Linux implementation that is the approach
they have taken - eg. cstate.c etc - 

A quad core system are in idle wait quite a lot due to the way that portupgrade etc. works
but I don't think that the system enters "C1 Auto Halt Stop Grant" which in it self would half the power used. 

From a linux presentation it looks like the Power Usage swings between 31Watt - down to 1.8Watt
in DC4 state so there a lot of heat and power to be saved ;-)

So I think there are good reasons to look at TM2 and Mwait etc 

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