Functional RAID controller?

Rainer Duffner rainer at
Tue May 8 16:46:11 UTC 2007

Barrett Lyon wrote:
> I've been using HEAD with 3ware adapters and all of my test machines 
> are completely non-functional.  I had my team working directly with 
> 3ware for two weeks and they offered a tip here and there.   
> Ultimately we ended up with a non-functioning systems and a good idea 
> what's wrong with the twa driver.
> I offered to help fund and provide hardware for a development effort 
> to update their driver to support HEAD but they refused to help.  I am 
> worried about 3ware's commitment to the future of FreeBSD and the twa 
> driver at this point, 3ware is not the least bit concerned (even with 
> a large customer):
>> From:       xxx at
>> Subject:     RE: 3ware driver issues-Machine to be dropped at 3ware
>> Date:     May 7, 2007 5:14:04 PM PDT
>> Good Afternoon.  Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone.   We
>> have been discussing this internally, and ultimately BSD 7 is
>> unreleased, unstable OS at this time.
>> I am sorry, but this is not something we can put resources in at this
>> time and if you bring a systems here, it could not be worked on right
>> away either.  It would be weeks/months before we can work on this...
> I would like to find a SATA RAID controller that plays nice by a 
> company that is FreeBSD friendly and progressively working on their 
> drivers.  Does anyone have any suggestions other than to not use the 
> 7.0 branch?

I don't think there are a lot of companies who do care about FreeBSD7 
(or FreeBSD at all).
For many, it's rather a nuisance (from my perspective). They only 
support it, because a significant portion of their sales depends on it.
Can anybody make a statement about the status of the Areca driver?
Because that's the only other non-SCSI controller I know that is worth 
I think some of the higher-end MSI-controllers are also good. And of 
course, the HP P600 and P800 controllers - but to fully make use of 
those two, you need a special enclosure anyway....


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