smbfs mount wedges

Victor M. Blood freebsd at
Sat May 5 22:07:01 UTC 2007

On 06.05.2007, pluknet wrote:

>> > It seems that it works now, thanks!
>> > (i,e, no mount_smbfs in devdrn state after mount)
>> I'm newbe to bsd, please help me solve problem with smbfs frezes in
>> devdrn. If you not very busy...

> That's what I've made:
> # cd /sys
> # patch < /path/to/patch

> Then s/destroy_dev/destroy_dev_sched/ in sys/netsmb/smb_dev.c,
> and make kernel as usual. What kind of trouble you're in?

   I'm don't undestand how to use gdb, and other utilites
   and could't find "smb cdev" and func d_close(). :((
   thanks...  I try to lern more...

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