kbdmux and KBD_DFLT_KEYMAP

Harald Schmalzbauer h.schmalzbauer at omnisec.de
Sat May 5 01:03:02 UTC 2007


I think I lost some understanding...
I always compiled SC_DFLT_FONT and [AT|U]KBD_DFTL_KEYMAP into my kernels and 
saw that ever since kbdmux was introduced with 6. (0|1?) the mapping hadn't 
I was astonished that, again with current, it seems that it's still not 
working and I haven't found anything in NOTES which points me to something 
Usually I access my servers via serial console, so this wasn't really that 
problem for me, but today I missed it, so I wanted to ask if I missed 
something or if I should file a PR?



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