HEADS DOWN (was Re: HEADS UP: putenv, setenv, unsetenv, getenv changes)

David Schultz das at FreeBSD.ORG
Wed May 2 23:41:03 UTC 2007

On Wed, May 02, 2007, Brooks Davis wrote:
> On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 08:06:45PM +0400, Andrey Chernov wrote:
> > All backed out.
> > 
> > Not because I admit they are technically wrong and not because of bug
> > reports (I receive nothing). But because I surprisingly meets so
> > strong opposition and resistance so lost any desire to continue that.
> > 
> > Anyone who interested in POSIX can dig out what changes and how
> > through cvs diffs.
> FreeBSD does care about standards and your change probably makes sense,
> but the way you went about it was all wrong.
> First, you committed an API/ABI change to libc without even performing
> a buildworld.  You should be commended for fixing the problems quickly,
> but the breakage rightfully made people nervous.

Just to clarify, the nature of my original response was not that
this change is unequivocally bad, but that it broke stuff, and the
stated rationale seemed dodgy. (Just because POSIX says so doesn't
make it a good idea.) The change actually caught me just as I was
restoring my main desktop after a hard drive crash and rebuilding
all the ports and other applications I use. Lots of random stuff
broke while compiling x11 libs or some such thing, and I wound up
installing a few dozen things from packages. I guess that's what I
get for running -CURRENT when I have deadlines!

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