F/W - dhcpd deamon question

Randall Stewart rrs at cisco.com
Thu Jun 28 16:28:21 UTC 2007

Michael Butler wrote:
> Randall Stewart wrote:
>>I seem to get:
>>dhcpd: send_packet: Permission denied
>>On my main server quite a bit... like once every 3-5 minutes.
>>Now I have a F/W up and I am thinking maybe its a rule I
>>am missing or something..
> These are likely UDP broadcasts to address but,
> fortunately, with a low TTL. These are responses to the following ..
>>From the client, dhcp queries are always directed to the bootp port (68)
> of the server even if it doesn't yet have an appropriate address of its
> own (it will use a source of
> What you need is a rule-set which allows both halves of this transaction,
> 	Michael
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Thanks Michael

I knew it was something I was forgetting :-D


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