F/W - dhcpd deamon question

Michael Butler imb at protected-networks.net
Thu Jun 28 13:05:21 UTC 2007

Randall Stewart wrote:
> I seem to get:
> dhcpd: send_packet: Permission denied
> On my main server quite a bit... like once every 3-5 minutes.
> Now I have a F/W up and I am thinking maybe its a rule I
> am missing or something..

These are likely UDP broadcasts to address but,
fortunately, with a low TTL. These are responses to the following ..

>From the client, dhcp queries are always directed to the bootp port (68)
of the server even if it doesn't yet have an appropriate address of its
own (it will use a source of

What you need is a rule-set which allows both halves of this transaction,


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