FAST_IPSEC import to HEAD is imminent..

gnn at gnn at
Wed Jun 27 07:48:56 UTC 2007


I have been hacking on, testing and fixing the FAST_IPSEC code with
support for IPv6 for a while now.  There are still some issues to be
worked out in the v6 integration but the v4 code is solid, in that it
passes the full TAHI test suite.  I intend to integrate this code into
HEAD (I already have re's permission) in the next few days so that I
have the weekend to work on other issues that come up with the code.
There have been various patches out for a while (to be found in but it is clearly time to remove the KAME IPsec
which is unlocked and unmaintained and move to FAST_IPSEC.

Comments, questions and help always welcome.


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