Issues with 'xl0' keeping link (bge0, em0 as well?)

Michael C Voorhis mvoorhis at
Tue Jun 26 17:50:03 UTC 2007

Steve Kargl writes:
> Good luck in getting any help.  bge0 has been going DOWN/UP for
> about 2 months.

I've been having issues with em0 going up/down as well.  Have read
FreeBSD-Stable, FreeBSD-Current, FreeBSD-net.  Having this problem
with separate NICs on both 6.2-STABLE and 7.0-CURRENT.  On one SMP and
one Uniprocessor machine, with and without POLLING, on shared (the UP)
and unshared (on the SMP) interrupts.

Since I found no recent complaints on the above mailing lists, I
concluded I was being stupid and doing some obvious thing wrong.  I
had thought to solve the trouble on one machine (the other is a
notebook) by swapping in a Broadcom card, but reading your email here,
it appears that that may not be a solution, either.

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