Low end video card that won't crash server ... ?

Matthew D. Fuller fullermd at over-yonder.net
Fri Jun 22 06:17:16 UTC 2007

On Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 08:11:50PM -0700 I heard the voice of
Garrett Cooper, and lo! it spake thus:
> Intel's still your best bet, with nVidia in second, and ATI in
> third.
> You aren't going to get proper 3D support unless you switch to Linux
> unfortunately :(..

I still love my Matrox.  But even there, you're stuck with the 550 and
older if you want open drivers, which is, what, like 6+ years at this
point?  Rather unpleasantly expensive new, but you can find 'em
reasonable on eBay.  Not too shiny if you need much 3d, but they're
unbeatable on 2d.

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