Sam Leffler sam at errno.com
Wed Jun 20 04:49:41 UTC 2007

Craig Boston wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 19, 2007 at 01:19:08PM +1200, Andrew Thompson wrote:
>> Please report any other wireless issues and help is appreciated.
> Hi, I was debating whether to report this since I haven't had a chance
> to compile a debug kernel yet (this is on a somewhat embedded system
> that boots off flash memory, so it's a bit of a pain), but since you
> asked... :)
> In short, ipw doesn't seem to work at all for me anymore.  It worked
> okay in 6-stable with an occasional hiccup, but upon upgrading to
> current it doesn't seem to be doing anything.  It doesn't even try to
> scan; it just sits there on channel 1 with "no carrier".  "ifconfig list
> scan" shows nothing.  Manually setting the SSID/channel doesn't do
> anything either (it remains on channel 1).
> Sometimes "ifconfig scan" does nothing, sometimes it results in a panic.
> Since I haven't run a current prior to the 802.11 changes on this
> particular machine, I don't know if it was working before them or not :(
> Haven't had time to mess with it yet.
> To take care of the obvious:
> Yes, wlan_scan_sta is loaded.  I also built a kernel with the two scan
> modules compiled in and no change.
> I've loaded ipw_bss.ko and set legal.intel_ipw.license_ack="1" in
> loader.conf.  Loading all 3 firmware modules doesn't seem to help.
> It happens with the GENERIC kernel too (that's what I first noticed when
> I booted a snapshot to do the install).

I'm not sure how well ipw got tested while the changes were in p4.
We'll need to test again now that code has been merged to CVS.  I'll try
to look at this weekend if noone else beats me to it.


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