Linksys USB200M

Randall Stewart rrs at
Mon Jun 18 03:21:18 UTC 2007

Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> On Monday 18 June 2007 12:16, Randall Stewart wrote:
>>it in to my leading bleeding edge current and I see:
>>ugen0: <vendor 0x13b1 product 0x0018, class 255/255, rev 2.00/0.01,
>>addr 2> on uhub4
> According to usbdevs a USB200M has a device ID of 0x2226 and a vendor ID 
> of 0x066b.
> Linksys have probably changed the chip they use without changing the 
> model name :( Since you work there maybe you can go yell at someone ;)

ahh.. but we are completely seperate.. so there is no one
to yell at :-)
> From the Linux driver it looks like an ASIX AX88178 10/100/1000
> Interestingly I can't actually find who uses the vendor ID of 0x066b..
> (0x13b1 is CISCO/Linksys)
> I don't think you'll get it working without cutting some code.
> On the plus side the data sheet is readily available..
Yeah... the thing is its a 0x0018.. which is unlisted in the
usb devices..

In the driver it has

For the linksys code which is:
#define USB_VENDOR_LINKSYS2 0x077b
#define USB_PRODUCT_LINKSYS2_USB200M 0x2226

Hmm.. searching around there is mention  of hacking a tivo with
this critter.. but and that it is an AxE driver..

let me dig a bit deeper.

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