LOR in iwi with new 802.11 work

Sam Leffler sam at errno.com
Fri Jun 15 16:23:10 UTC 2007

Stefan Ehmann wrote:
> On Thursday 14 June 2007 18:16:54 Sam Leffler wrote:
>> Stefan Ehmann wrote:
>>> After the system is up for about 5 minutes, I see this LOR. Haven't seen
>>> it posted yet.
>>> Stefan
>>> lock order reversal:
>>>  1st 0xc2e4700c ieee80211com (802.11 com lock)
>>> @ /usr/src/sys/net80211/ieee80211_scan.c:523
>>>  2nd 0xc2e48400 iwi0 (network driver)
>>> @ /usr/src/sys/modules/iwi/../../dev/iwi/if_iwi.c:1908
> ...
>> Yes, known and can safely be ignored.
> Okay, thanks.
> Another problem I've noticed (don't want to start a new thread):
> Before the latest commit, I've never seen dropouts in the connnection.
> But now I've seen for the second time that the connection drops for some 
> seconds. ifconfig shows no IP address. At least it recovers, but open 
> connections die.
> In dmesg I see:
> Jun 15 10:34:25 something kernel: iwi0: firmware stuck in state 4, resetting
> Jun 15 10:34:25 something kernel: iwi0: link state changed to DOWN
> Jun 15 10:34:28 something kernel: iwi0: link state changed to UP
> Is this a known issue? Do you need any more info?

Andrew already responded but if you want to disable bg scanning do:

ifconfig iwi0 -bgscan

though that won't help resolve the issue.  You can also see what's going 
on at the 802.11 level with:

wlandebug -i iwi0 scan

FWIW I ran my 2195 card for many days w/ bg scanning and saw zero 
dropouts (including doing a full xorg portupgrade over wireless).  My 
canonical test is to associate, run ping to a station on the far side of 
the ap, and then verify bg scanning doesn't cause any ping packets to be 


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