annoying behavior in less(1) after v403 import

Scott Long scottl at
Thu Jun 14 23:20:19 UTC 2007

Tom Uffner wrote:
> the recently imported new version of less (Mon Jun 4 01:42:44 2007 UTC
> (10 days, 19 hours ago) by delphij) appears to have a bug that appears
> when using the -e or --quit-at-eof option.
> if you exit less by reaching eof for the 2nd time, the cursor is left
> at the end of the top line of the screen or window and the terminal is
> not restored to cooked mode. this results in your shell prompt printing
> on the 2nd line in the midst of whatever text happened to be on the
> screen at the time. if you exit less by typing 'q' this does not happen.
> this problem did not exist in previous versions. please don't allow this
> to slip into 7.0 release. i'd rather see it ship w/ less v394 than an
> unpatched v404.
> tom

I noticed that, and I noticed a new regression/feature where you can
no longer run 'more' against a character device node unless you specify
the -f flag.  So for example, running 'more /dev/sndstat' produces an
error now.  It's minor, but my fingers, and I'm sure millions of other
BSD users fingers, are trained to typing 'more' and not 'more -f' or
'cat foo | more'.


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