annoying behavior in less(1) after v403 import

Tom Uffner tom at
Thu Jun 14 23:12:51 UTC 2007

the recently imported new version of less (Mon Jun 4 01:42:44 2007 UTC
(10 days, 19 hours ago) by delphij) appears to have a bug that appears
when using the -e or --quit-at-eof option.

if you exit less by reaching eof for the 2nd time, the cursor is left
at the end of the top line of the screen or window and the terminal is
not restored to cooked mode. this results in your shell prompt printing
on the 2nd line in the midst of whatever text happened to be on the
screen at the time. if you exit less by typing 'q' this does not happen.

this problem did not exist in previous versions. please don't allow this
to slip into 7.0 release. i'd rather see it ship w/ less v394 than an
unpatched v404.


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