HPS stack and ural

Jonathan Fosburgh jfosburg at mdanderson.org
Wed Jun 13 15:40:48 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 13 June 2007 01:55:31 Hans Petter Selasky wrote:

> There is an "install_ural.sh" script under "FreeBSD.usb" which you can use
> to install the URAL driver, hence I don't install it by default any more,
> due to some compilation problems on FreeBSD-7-current.
> Just run the script, then make the /sys/modules/ural module, and then
> "kldload if_ural".
> It should compile on FreeBSD 6.2 at least.

It works great on -CURRENT, and is stable with wpa, as opposed to the standard 
USB stack which panics while using wpa.

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