IBM serveraid ipsstat physical drive state values

Jan Mikkelsen janm at
Tue Jun 12 23:02:17 UTC 2007


Martin Blapp wrote:
> Does anybody of you have a list of the status codes ? I wasn't
> able to find anything on the internet, and IBM tech
> support was unable to hand out anything. They said that those
> informations are protected and they can't out anything without
> a NDA. Bullshit !
> Currently we only see 'int' values in ipsstat, which is not
> really helpful if you have IBM on the phone and they ask
> what status your drive has. The speak about 3-letter codes,
> and you tell them: It has state 8 ...

There are some codes in ipsstat from ips_diskdev_statename(), which ipsstat
has borrowed from ips.c.  You should be seeing text for some states.

I'm happy to add codes to ipsstat for more states.  However, I don't have a
test machine with an ips controller at the moment where I can induce the
various states to see their codes.



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