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Does anybody of you have a list of the status codes ? I wasn't
able to find anything on the internet, and IBM tech
support was unable to hand out anything. They said that those
informations are protected and they can't out anything without
a NDA. Bullshit !

Currently we only see 'int' values in ipsstat, which is not
really helpful if you have IBM on the phone and they ask
what status your drive has. The speak about 3-letter codes,
and you tell them: It has state 8 ...

I was able to get some of them myself, but it would be
cool if you can fill in the rest of the missing values.

Any ideas ? I'd like to commit this to ips.h
to have more useful information available.


Abr:		State:			Number: 

RDY             Ready			... ?

RDY appears as the status of a drive that the RAID adapter detects as installed, 
spun up, but not configured in an array.


ONL             Online                  137 ?

Online, a drive that RAID adapter detects as installed, operational, and 
configured into an array appear as this state.


RBL             Rebuilding		...

A drive in this state is being rebuilt. Only the IBM ServeRAID Adapter has this 
state. A physical hard drive can enter the RBL state if one of the following 
conditions occurs: A good working drive replaces a DDD drive that is part of the 
critical logical drive. At the end of a successful rebuild, the state of the 
physical drive changes to ONL, and the state of the corresponding logical drives 
changes to OKY.
The HSP or standby hot-spare (SHS) drive is added to the array and the state 
changes from HSP or SHS to RBL. At the same time, the DDD drive is removed from 
the array and its state changes to DHS from DDD. The adapter then automatically 
reconstructs data in the RBL drive. The state of the corresponding logical drive 
remains CRT (if the RAID level is 1 or 5) or OFL during the rebuild process. 
When the rebuild completes successfully, the device state changes from RBL to 
ONL and the logical drive state changes from CRT to OKY.
A ready (RDY) or standby (SBY) drive replaces a DDD drive that is part of the 
critical logical drive. The state of the RDY or SBY drive becomes RBL. When the 
rebuild completes successfully, the state changes to ONL. The DDD drive is 
removed from the logical drive and becomes DHS


HSP             Hot Spare               133

(IBM ServeRAID & ServeRAID II)
A hot-spare (HSP) drive is a drive designated to be a replacement for the first 
DDD drive that occurs. The state of the drive appears as HSP. When a DDD drive 
occurs and a HSP is defined, the hot-spare drive takes over for the drive that 
appears as DDD. The HSP drive is rebuilt to be identical to the DDD drive. 
During the rebuilding of the HSP drive, this drive changes to the RBL state. The 
RBL state will turn to ONL once the drive is completely rebuilt and fully 
operating for the DDD drive.


DHS             Spare Defunct           8 or 4 ?

A hot-spare or standby hot-spare drive (see below) enters the defunct hot-spare 
(DLIS) state if it fails to respond to the adapter commands. Once a DHS drive is 
replaced, its state changes from DHS to HSP. Only the IBM ServeRAID Adapter has 
the DHS state.


DDD             HW Defunct		8 or 4 ?

The RAID adapter marks an ONL or OFL (RBL if ServeRAID) drive defunct, changing 
its status to DDD and removing power from the drive, when one of the following 
conditions occur:

     *  	The drive does not respond to commands by a certain timeout value.
     *  	The drive exceeds the number of allowed busy status responses as
 	specified by the  RAID adapter firmware.
     *  	A reassign failure or two successive failures in verification occur when
 	the RAID  adapter tries to recover from a media error reported from the drive.


SBY             Standby			... ?

A standby drive is a hard disk drive that the RAID adapter has spun down. 
Devices such as tape drives and CD-ROM drives are also considered to be in a 
standby state. Only the IBM ServeRAID Adapter has the state.


SHS             Standby Hot Spare	... ?

A standby hot-spare is a hot-spare drive that the adapter has spun down. If a 
drive becomes defrinet and no suitable hot-spare drive is available, a standby 
hot-spare of the appropriate size spins up and enters the RBL state. You must 
have at least four hard disk drives if you want a standby hot-spare with RAID-5. 
Only the IBM ServeRAID Adapter has the state.


EMP             Empty			... ?

No device is present in the bay or the adapter cannot communicate with the 
drive. This state is represented with dashes (- - -) on the IBM ServeRAID 
configuration screen, or a blank space on the Administration and Monitor screen. 
Only the JBM ServeRAID Adapter has this state.


OFL		Offline			... ?

Offline, a good drive that replaces a defunct drive in a RAID level I or level 5 
array. This drive is associated with the array, but does not contain any data. 
Drive status remains OFL during the rebuild phase.


PFA		Checksum errors		...

The firmware of a hard drive uses algorithms to track the error rates on the 
drive. The drive alerts the user with a Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) alert 
via the RAID administration utility and NetFinity when degradation of drive 
performance (read/write errors) is detected. When a PFA alert occurs, physical 
replacement of the drive is recommended.


UFM		Unformatted		... ?

Unformatted, a drive that requires a low-level formatting before it can be used 
in an array. You can start the low-level format by selecting Format Drive from 
the RAID Configuration Main Menu.


FMT 		Reformat in progress	... ?

Format: the drive is being reformatted.



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