iSCSI initiator tester wanted

John Nielsen lists at
Wed Jun 6 15:16:50 UTC 2007

Quoting Danny Braniss <danny at>:
> 	I'm in the last mile before crossing the beta->release line,
> so I'd like to get some input, and update the list of targets it supports.
> you can obtain the driver from:

Looks great! I've done some basic testing against our cluster of three 
LeftHand Networks NSM 160's running SAN/iQ 6.6SP1. My machine is 
running -CURRENT as of a couple days ago (with gcc 4.2 and symbol 
versioning). I've tested previous snapshots of the driver against the 
same SAN on this and another machine running -STABLE with good results.

Is there anything specific you'd like tested? What connection 
interruption scenarios does the driver try to recover from? I'm running 
some backups to an iSCSI mount now. When that finishes (and my machine 
is otherwise unoccupied) I'll play around with temporarily yanking the 
ethernet cable and other fun tricks.

Thanks for the Makefiles. Your blurb text incorrectly directs the 
reader to run make in sys/dev/iscsi_initiator (which doesn't exist, and 
there's no Makefile in sys/dev/iscsi). Obviously you meant 
sys/modules/iscsi_initiator. Also, a line about running make in 
iscontrol/ would be helpful, as would an install target in that 

Do you have any suggestions on startup integration (rc script, fstab 
magic, etc)? I know you said once before that that was hopefully coming 

Thanks again. I'll post again if I manage to break something.


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