USER/GROUP rules on the chopping Block [ Re: Panic on boot with April 16 src (lengthy info attached) ]

Max Laier max at
Wed Jun 6 15:05:55 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 06 June 2007, Chris Marlatt wrote:
> Max Laier wrote:
> > and again ... the thread ends here - zero feedback received :-(  Does
> > anyone care about user/group rules at all?  If so - speak up now or
> > I'll just disable them with the upcoming update!!!
> Unfortunately I can't claim to be seeing this symptom, but I do use
> user/group rules on shell servers quite often. They're very useful for
> controlling untrusted users in an environment like that. Hopefully it
> can continue to be included.

Doesn't matter if you see the symptom or not.  You should also check how 
the patch impacts on your workload and if it does at all.

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